Meant to divide spaces and unite people, the Partition collection is in huge demand these days. Offices are being smartly planned and that's where these panels fit in. The strength and the durability of Evabond Aluminium Composite panels along with their capacity to enhance the aesthetic value, has made them into a success.

EB-401 Ivory

EB-402 White

EB-403 Silver

EB-404 Karat Gold

EB-405 Silver Black

EB-406 Pearl Copper

EB-407 Metalic Copper

EB-408 Coffee Brown

EB-409 Red

EB-410 Black

EB-411 Refresing Orange

EB-412 Traffic Yellow

EB-413 Dark Blue

EB-451 Megony Red

EB-452 Teak Wood

EB-453 Wood Moka

EB-454 Dark Tiger

EB-455 English Oak