Technical Detail

Eva Bond exterior protective shield for new buildings and renovation applications consists of a polyethylene core and 2 Aluminium skins each of 0.5mm/0.25mm thick.

At EVA BOND we use online laminator and catalytic fusion process. Eva Bond consists of coated Aluminium skin. The catalytic fusion process guarantees each panel has high quality of durable coating on the top with minimum thickness of 25 microns.

Eva Bond with its standard has excellent robustness against industrial pollution & has the ability to survive in extreme weather conditions.

Physical Characteristic




Panel Thickness 4 mm Available on request - 3mm, 5mm & 6 mm
Aluminium Cover Sheets thickness (Skin) 0.5 mm Available thickness 0.25mm to 0.55mm
Core The thermoplastic core is LDPE The thermoplastic core in Eva Bond panel is low density polyethylene (LDPE), belongs to carbon hydrogen plastic and it is non-toxic in nature. The final result after the burning of polyethylene is carbon, CO2, CO & H2O.
Panel Width 1220mm Can be adjusted as per requirement
Panel Length 2440 mm, 3050 mm, 3660 mm Can be adjusted as per requirement
Panel Weight 5.5 kg /mm2 -
Surface finish Exterior face coil coated with PVDF (KYNAR -500, min 70%)Interior face coil coated with polyester -

Mechanical Characteristic

Being light-weight, Eva Bond has high bending, buckling and breaking strength. It has properties that help resist blows, breakage and impart the ability to handle high wind pressure. Following are the mechanical properties of Eva Bond:

1. Panel thickness – 3mm & 4mm

2. Skin thickness 0.25 & 0.50mm respectively.



Test Results


Specific Gravity (panel) g/cc 1.38 1.52 -
Tensile Strength (panel) Kg/mm2 4.5 6.2 E-8
Yield Strength (panel) Kg/mm2 4.0 5.9 E-8
Flexural Rigidity (panel) X105 kg.mm2 X105 kg.mm2 14.0 C-393 (20cm span)
Elongation:(panel) Horizontal Elongation at breaking point % 12% 14% E-8
Panel Weight % 11% 13% E–8
Punching shear Resistance
Maximum Load (panel) Kg 1380 1650 D-732
Shear Resistance (panel) Kgl mm2 2.9 2.6 -

Panel Bond Integrety






Vertical Pull Kg/cm2 120 120 C-297
Drum Peel Mm N/mm 150 150 D–1781
Flatwise Shear Kg/cm2 88.5 86.1 C-273

Dent (Impact) test by DU-PONT Method

Steel Ball Weight (kg)

Height (mm)

Dent Depth (mm)



0.30 300 0.74 0.56
0.30 500 1.17 0.81
0.50 300 1.18 0.88
0.50 500 1.64 1.36
1.00 300 1.97 1.71
1.00 500 2.60 2.29

Panel Fire Resistance Characteristic

Eva Bond is manufactured using two strong sheets of non-combustible aluminium. It can resist against fire after lamination process. Following is the resistant test result of Eva Bond after fire resistant test.

Ignitibility Index 0 Class "A"
Heat Evolved Index 0 Class "A"
Flame Spread Index 0 Class "A"

Thermal Insulation Properties (Panel)

Panel Thickness

Thermal Resistance

Thermal Conductivity

4mm 5.26 (mb°C/kcal) 0.19 (kcal/mh°c)

Thermal Expansion of panel

Panel Thickness

Co-efficient of Thermal expansion


4mm 26X10-4 D–696.

Dimensional Tolerance

Width + 2.0mm
Length + 4.0 mm
Thickness + 0.2 mm
Bow Maximum 0.5% of the length and/or width
Squareness Maximum 5.0 mm
Surface Defect No irregularities such as Roughness, buckling and other imperfections with our specification of visual inspection rules.
Thermal expansion 1.2mm/ m /50°C

Surfaces Properties

Dry Film Property

Test method


Colour Retention D2244-93 Max 5 units after 4000 hrs (exposed skin)
Gloss Retention D523-89 70% after 4000 hrs. (exposed skin)
Chalking D414-89 Max 8 units after 4000 hrs (exposed skin)
Salt Spray D-B117-90 NCCA 11–2 Blisters–10 (exposed skin) Scribe-8 3000 hrs.-aluminium, 35?C
Humidity–Thermal D2246-65 No blister (exposed skin) No cracking 10 cycles : 24 hrs X 100%RH. 37.8 c: 2 hrs X 18 C: 4 hrs. X 24?C
Humidity D2247-94 No change (exposed skin) 3000 hrs. – aluminium, 35?C
Condensing Humidity (Cleveland) D4585-87 None to very few #8 blisters (exposed skin)100% RH X 54.4C, 2500 hrs
Pencil hardness D3363-92a 2H (exposed skin)
Adhesion D3359 -
Dry Wet Boiling Water method 8 No change (exposed skin) No change after 37.8?C, 24 hrs. No change after 100C, 20 min
Impact resistance NCCA 11-5 No picking off after reverse impact cross-hatch test(panel)
Abrasion resistance D 968-93 Resisting 20 liters of falling sand. (panel) 20 liters as the criterion of AAMA 70 liters/mil as the actual value

EvaBond Panels Vs. Solid Panels and Steel


Eva Bond Panels

Solid Aluminium


Weight 4 mm : 5.48Kg/m2 3mm : 8.0kg/m2 1.5mm : 11.47kg/m2
Flatness Very Flat Uneven Uneven
Heat Insulation Best Poor Poor
Sound Insulation 25db 15db 5db
Echo Response Low Medium High
Weather Proof Good Good Good
Fire Proof Good Good Good
Paint Consistency Best Inconsistent nconsistent
Paint Microns Even Uneven Uneven
Fabrication Easy Difficult Very Tough
Deliver Quick Slow Slow
Total Cost Economical Medium Cost Expensive
Maintenance Easy Easy Easy
Installation Quick Slow Very Slow