Choose from among a variety range of colors- right from Bright Silver to Dark Bronze to Coffee Brown. Evabond is the manufacturer of best quality Aluminium Composite Panels and offers a wide spectrum of options.  Every product has the potential to create an impact so intense and so lasting. 

True to the name, this is the METALLIC Range.

EB-101 Bright Silver

EB-102 Metalic Silver

EB-103 Champagne Silver

EB-104 Champagne Gold

EB-105 Dark Bronze

EB-106 Karat Gold

EB-107 Fine Copper

EB-108 Silver Blue

EB-109 Jade Green

EB-110 Silver Black

EB-111 Pearl Copper

EB-112 Coffee Brown

EB-113 Wine Red

EB-115 Metallic Copper