Traditionally wooden materials have been used extensively as a construction material bath for exterior beauty and interior seen However, in spite of its many advantages, usages of wooden materials have some serious shortcomings. Firstly, being a natural material cutting of trees for wood impacts our environment and impacts climate change also. hence usage of wood is not eco friendly Secondly, being a natural material, it has a very limited life and requires extensive maintenance. Recognizing these challenges, the EVABOND has introduced HPL Series, a High Pressure Laminated (HPL) Aluminium Composite Panel. HPL Series is more durable and elegant in looks a compared to wooden materials and is also highly weather resistant It can be easily used for any exterior cladding application or for interior decoration purpose.

HPL-305 Mahagony Red

HPL-306 Emprador

HPL-307 Marble Black

HPL-308 Teak Wood

HPL-309 Tiger Wood Texture

HPL-310 Kop Texture

HPL-311 Gemini Texture

HPL-312 African Ipe

HPL-313 Bocote Wood

HPL-314 Wenge Wood

HPL-315 Cherry Wood

HPL-316 Brazilian Wood

HPL-317 Walnut Wood

HPL-318 Burma Teak

HPL-319 Sapeli Wood

HPL-320 Ovangkol Wood

HPL-321 Perlato

HPL-322 Italian Rose Marble

HPL-323 Italian Black Marble

HPL-324 Scott Wood