EVABOND ACP is a perfect substitute of natural wood and HPL. Constituting of top and bottom layer with aluminium coil, the core material is LDPE. With top surface of PVDF coating, excellent in exterior application with 10 years warranty, its bottom coating is polyester base. EVABOND ACP distinct features comprise of good durability, impact resistance, moisture resistance, dent resistance, heat resistance, and weather resistance. These panels have nil expansion and contraction, so it can be installed without any gap in exterior as well as interior applications of the building space. It is a green building product, environment friendly in form and function. for obtaining LEED Certification for any project, it contributes 2 LEED points.

HPL-305 Mahagony Red

HPL-306 Emprador

HPL-307 Marble Black

HPL-308 Teak Wood

HPL-309 Tiger Wood Texture

HPL-310 Kop Texture

HPL-311 Gemini Texture

HPL-312 African Ipe

HPL-313 Bocote Wood

HPL-314 Wenge Wood

HPL-315 Cherry Wood

HPL-316 Brazilian Wood

HPL-317 Walnut Wood

HPL-318 Burma Teak

HPL-319 Sapeli Wood

HPL-320 Ovangkol Wood

HPL-321 Perlato

HPL-322 Italian Rose Marble

HPL-323 Italian Black Marble

HPL-324 Scott Wood