Fire Retardant is a substance that is used to slow or stop the spread of fire or reduce its intensity. This is commonly accomplished by chemical reactions that reduce the flammability of fuels or delay their combustion. Fire retardants may also cool the fuel through physical action or endothermic chemical reaction. Fire Retardant material core is made with Magnesium Hydroxide Aluminium Tri Hydroxide.

Why Choose EVABOND FR Grade Composite Panel

  • Fire Retardant ACP is a Safe Product
  • Low Flammability – Helps safe evacuation and saves live
  • Allow people to vacate the building
  • Minimize the losses when a fire occurs
  • Generates low smoke
  • Zero Burning droplets
  • Delays flame spread
  • No toxics Fumes

EB-101 Bright Silver

EB-102 Metalic Silver

EB-103 Champagne Silver

EB-104 Champagne Gold

EB-105 Dark Bronze

EB-106 Karat Gold

EB-107 Fine Copper

EB-108 Silver Blue

EB-109 Jade Green

EB-110 Silver Black

EB-111 Pearl Copper

EB-112 Coffee Brown

EB-113 Wine Red

EB-115 Metallic Copper

EB-201 Snow White

EB-202 Milky White

EB-203 Lemon Yellow

EB-204 Traffic Yellow

EB-205 Refreshing Orange

EB-206 Bright Red

EB-207 Refreshing Green

EB-208 Sea Blue

EB-209 Oppo Green

EB-210 Black

EB-211 Dark Blue

EB-212 Glossy White

EB-213 Glossy Red

EB-214 Dark Pink

EB-215 Ash Grey

EB-216 Burgandy

EB-301 Brush Gold

EB-302 Brush Silver

EB-303 Mirror Silver

EB-304 Mirror Gold

EB-305 Mahagony Red

EB-306 Emprador

EB-307 Marble Black

EB-308 Teak Wood

EB-309 Tiger Wood Texture

EB-310 Kop Texture

EB-311 Gemini Texture

EB-312 African Ipe

EB-313 Bocote Wood

EB-314 Wenge Wood

EB-315 Cherry Wood

EB-316 Brazilian Wood

EB-317 Walnut Wood

EB-318 Burma Teak

EB-319 Sapeli Wood

EB-320 Ovangkol Wood

EB-321 Perlato

EB-322 Italian Rose Marble

EB-323 Italian Black Marble

EB-324 Scott Wood

EB-901 Sparkling White

EB-902 Sparkling Black

EB-903 Sparkling Red

EB-904 Sparkling Blue

EB-905 Sparkling Bronze