Why Evabond ACP Sheets are the Best

Why Evabond ACP Sheets are the Best 18 Apr

Evabond ACP Sheet come with extraordinary features as we've discussed in earlier blogs. Style and durability come easy with any of the Evabond products. Also the range of products is so wide that it attracts one and all.

It was yesterday that I was passing by an impressive building in Bandra, Mumbai. The facade i.e. the front part of the multi-storeyed giant structure caught my attention and left me in awe! What a design it was and the aluminium composite panels added to its architectural splendour. Yes, the aluminium sheets multiplied the impact of the whole thing. I wondered and thought they must be Evabond ACP Sheet. I browsed through the product range of Evabond's website. And there I found it! They were Evabond panels.

Evabond is a leading manufacturer of Aluminium Composite Sheets and has a a lot of experience behind it. This success has come in a short span. That's because the market provides ample opportunities for everyone to test waters and try their luck. But only those few who commit themselves to the best quality and consistent service take the pie and survive. Evabond has not only survived but has taken the larger chunk of the pie. Today, Evabond has a production capacity of more than 65,000 sq. ft. per day. That's the level Eva has reached with the latest of technology and expert technical staff.

Evabond has recently revamped its website and taken it to the next level. Take a look and feel free to write in to us in case of any queries or suggestions.

E-mail- evabond_acp@yahoo.com

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