The world is changing shape. Every nook and corner prefers to wear a new look every few years. Style and fashion, as they say, are dynamic and ever-changing in nature.

Evabond is a company founded on a commitment to make our surroundings, this world, more stylish and more beautiful. In architectural domain, more specifically when it goes for structural designs, facades have been at the center of focus. The emphasis on the face of the building is rightly put and not a bit exaggerated. A structure, apart from being strong, should be impressive by its very looks. And that is what the world notices! Have we not heard that the first impression is the last impression? Discount it and one may say if not the last, at least, outer appearance- especially the front, should strike an impression that stays for long. 

And to look impressive is not a small deal! Evabond panels help do it. Let's see how.

Evabond Aluminium Composite Panels, abbreviated as ACPs, are the right solution for beautifying the exteriors of a building structure. Reasons are many but among them the one that is most appealing is that aluminium composite panels are extraordinarily stylish and impressive and at the same time, very affordable. Evabond panels are so durable they go on for at least a decade and then after for many more years. Adding to this all, there is a wide range of colours and designs that Evabond has on offer. 

There is a colour, a design that suits every choice, every taste. Which is yours?

Welcome to the shining world of Evabond Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs).

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    Ishan Patel

    I am very happy to work with eva bond. Good and fine products with better service. Thanks lot eva bond.....

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