Save On Your AC Bills this Summer with Evabond ACP Sheets

Save On Your AC Bills this Summer with Evabond ACP Sheets 02 Jun

Yes, you heard that right! Evabond aluminium composite panels help reduce the consumption of electricity when you put on your air-conditioners during this blazing summer heat. And how do Evabond panels manage it? Let's understand.

Polyethelene is used in the making of Evabond ACP sheets. What this Ployethelene does is that it does not allow the heat to penetrate through, since it is an insulating material by nature. This characteristic of insulation comes as a great relief during summers, especially in countries like India where mercury usually crosses 40 degrees Celsius. There are many different types of glass available in the market that help keep the interiors cool. But an aluminium composite panel is at a different level altogether. Being one of the best ACP sheets in the market today, Evabond is on a higher pedestal, given the attractive colours and stylish look that it comes with. The air-conditioners will breathe relief as the outside heat will not affect the interiors as much. This results in BIG saving of electricity bills in the summer season. India experiences hot weather during most part of the year. Imagine then the savings that you can make by choosing to install Evabond aluminium sheets.

Adding to that, Evabond is a maintenance-free product. You save on that as well! The coating and its finish, as discussed in earlier articles, retain their sheen for more than 15 years.

These and many more benefits come with Evabond Aluminium Composite Panels which will be discussed in a series of articles. We'll keep you posted on latest product launches and schemes.

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