Beauty of the Galaxy In an Aluminium Composite Panel Sheet

Beauty of the Galaxy In an Aluminium Composite Panel Sheet 05 Jul

Aluminium Composite Panels are mostly used because of their style and affordable price. Go for a granite or a marble stone and they'll cost you a fortune. Instead, ACP sheets come at a price that does not pinch your pocket. Moreover, they have a make a style statement. You just have to choose the shade color and the design that you like best so that it becomes a reflection of your taste and personality.

Evabond is a leading manufacturer of Aluminium Composite Panels and it has a rich collection in that. One of the range that Evabond has to offer is the GALAXY COLLECTION. Sparkling like stars and exhibiting the elegance and exuberance as if it is a living material. The walls that are adorned with Evabond ACP sheets, we term them as LIVE WALLS.

Evabond has achieved a breakthrough in manufacturing strong and sturdy aluminium panels that last for decades. Weather cannot scar its beauty and they look youthful and dynamic for years and years. Only care that needs to be taken is in terms of maintenance. Do not use a strong detergent or any acidic substance to clean it, instead use a mild washing detergent. Wipe the surfaces with a smooth cloth or material.

Evabond sheets can be fabricated in a shape that you you like. They can be cut into a size that you require so that there is minimum wastage of material. No wonder then that Evabond Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) are the best choice of architects and interior designers today.

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