The Marble and Wooden Collection boasts of products that are inspired by modern style and design. The feel and finish of these Aluminium Composite Sheets is extraordinarily distinct. Evabond is proud to present the Marble and Wooden range of panels. Explore a range that is loved and liked for the way it is!

EB-305 Mehgony Red

EB-306 Emprador

EB-307 Marble Black

EB-308 Teak Wood

EB-309 Tiger Wood Texture

EB-310 Kop Texture

EB-311 Gemini Texture

EB-312 African Ipe

EB-313 Bocote Wood

EB-314 Wenge Wood

EB-315 Cherry Wood

EB-316 Brazilian Wood

EB-317 Walnut Wood

EB-318 Burma Teak

EB-319 Sapeli Wood

EB-320 Ovangkol Wood

EB-321 Perlato

EB-322 Italian Rose Marble

EB-323 Italian Black Marble

EB-324 Scott Wood