The Marble and Wood Collection Majestic Looking Aluminium Composite Panels

The Marble and Wood Collection Majestic Looking Aluminium Composite Panels 06 Feb

Evabond has been constantly innovating and coming up with new products and ideas. The Marble and Wood Collection has got some forever fresh-looking aluminium composite panels under its belt. It is important to take note that this range is one of the most sought after aluminium sheets in the market today. And it is anybody’s guess that they bring along with them the distinct look and feel that is majestic and unparalleled. The durable quality of material ensures that it withstands extreme weather conditions, meaning the aluminium panels shine for years and years.

The design team at Evabond has put in a lot of effort in research before coming up with these designs. Creativity, they say, has no fixed trajectories. Exploring newer dimensions and widening perspectives lead to a breakthrough. And so is the case with the exclusive Marble and Wooden range of Aluminium Composite Panels from the world of Evabond.

Precision and perfection are traits that every Evabond product boasts of! The goal was to have something that is premium among premium- a category that is a notch above the rest. The Marble and Wooden range has traces of international art and craft- a unique fusion that is a rarity!

Rome, they say was not built in a day. So was not any Evabond aluminium sheet! They’re a result of intense research carried out with passion over the years.

Here, listed below are some of the products falling under the Marble and Wooden range: -

  •     Mehgony Red
  •     Emprador
  •     Marble Black
  •     Teak Wood
  •     Tiger Wood Texture
  •     Kop Texture
  •     Gemini Texture
  •     African Ipe
  •     Bocote Wood
  •     Wenge Wood
  •     Cherry Wood
  •     Brazilian Wood
  •     Walnut Wood

Check the wonderful designs and textures that these products come with. Click here.

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