Quality Matters with Evabond ACP Sheets

Quality Matters with Evabond ACP Sheets 27 Aug

There have been innumerable surveys conducted on what factors play role when a consumer goes to the market to choose any product. One thing that tops the list is QUALITY. And at Evabond, quality matters big time.

Choice is a very subjective thing! What is liked by one may not be a good idea for the other. Amidst this subjectivity, there is one thing that rules the roost. That one thing is the determining factor and decides where the psyche of the consumer sways. It is QUALITY!

Evabond has taken great care in ensuring that only the highest and best quality products are rolled out and delivered to the consumer. Evabond is so confident about the quality of aluminium panels that there's a 10 year WARRANTY on them. Evabond assures that every Evabond sheet is inspected thoroughly and that every product across all series is free from manufacturing defect.

Evabond aluminium panels are the best choice for one more reason. They have UV resistant characteristics. Usually it is seen that, be it a car or exterior paints or overhead plastic tanks, the colour gradually gets dull and loses its sheen because of prolonged exposure to sunlight. This does not happen in case of Evabond products. The quality of being UV resistant helps Evabond aluminium panels retain their colour even after years of exposure to heat.

This and much more comes with Evabond Aluminium Composite Panels. Make a choice today and express your style.

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